Lootaku’s Guide to Anime Conventions

January 02, 2019

Lootaku’s Guide to Anime Conventions

There are hundreds of anime conventions out there and if you’re just diving into the world of anime, they can most definitely be intimidating. A-Kon, Okaton, Anime Expo - the list goes on. Almost every major city has one and they’re an absolute must for any anime fanatics.

If you’re just getting started with anime conventions we’ve compared a quick guide for you. Read on to find the perfect anime convention near you!

What to Expect

Before we dive into our guide to the top anime conventions, there are a few things you should be aware of before you book any tickets. Here’s what to expect at any anime convention:

  • There will be TONS of cosplayers
  • Events and activities can go all night long so be sure to get some rest before
  • Always come with an open mind - a closed mind will be a damper on the whole convention
  • Never be afraid to jump into a panel or activity

Top Anime Conventions

Anime Expo (AX) - Los Angeles

Any anime fanatic has to attend Anime Expo at least once in their life. It’s known as the best of the best. It’s the largest anime convention in North America as of 2017. At AX, you’ll be able to attend hundreds of events, panels, concerts, programs, and workshops. This convention usually occurs on the first weekend of July so be sure to plan accordingly for 2019.  

Anime Central (ACen) - Chicago

Anime Central is the Midwest’s largest anime convention. They label themselves as “the Midwest anime and magna convention”. This convention features countless famous guests along with a massive exhibit room, huge video game room, dances, workshops, panels, concerts, exclusive screenings, and autograph sessions. Plus, on Saturday night of the con they host their large, bass heavy dance party known as Soap Bubble.  This convention is an absolute must if you live in the Chicagoland or Midwest area.

A-Kon - Dallas

Dating all the way back to 1990, A-Kon is one of the oldest and longest running anime conventions in North America. It’s a favorite of anime fanatics and absolute nonstop fun. Every year, this convention features renowned guests, musical performances, educational and entertaining panels, your favorite voice actors and directors, and so much more. This convention is a homage to anime, cosplay, fashion, gaming, manga, art, film, and Japanese culture.  

Okaton - Washington D.C.

Okaton is a “celebration of Asian pop culture” held in the summer in Washington D.C.  This convention features endless fun-packed activities to participate in, panels to attend, and famous guests to see. In addition to that, there’s plenty of art to gaze upon at this true homage to Japanese culture.

There’s our guide to anime conventions! If you’re looking for something to get you into the anime convention spirit, shop our selection of special boxes today!



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