The Best Marvel Monthly Subscription Boxes

August 22, 2018

The Best Marvel Monthly Subscription Boxes

Marvel fans have plenty of choices when it comes to subscription boxes, particularly now that the popularity of the brand, its series, and its characters has reached its peak with blockbuster after blockbuster.

If you’re not sure which Marvel monthly subscription boxes to get, here’s a brief review of some of our favorites.

“Assembled” Box

With the release of The Avengers films, we put together an unbeatable collection of Marvel merchandise in one of our past subscription boxes. This box stands out for its variety of collectibles for fans of characters from Deadpool and Ultron to Thanos and Captain America.

In this box we included:

  • Entertainment Earth Exclusive: 16oz Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Mug
  • Captain America 3 Mystery Mini Figure
  • Hero Remix Series 2 Ultron Bobble Head
  • Marvel 3D-figural Keychain Series 3
  • Mopeez Deadpool Plush

Fans of Marvel heroes and villains alike will find something to enjoy in this subscription box, with a total estimated retail value of around $79.

“Civil War” Subscription Box

Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming were two big hits for Marvel, re-introducing the iconic Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you’re on Iron Man’s side of the battle between him and Captain America, you’ll love this subscription box that features both Spider-Man and Iron Man figures.

In this box, we included:

  • SEGA Spider-Man Homecoming 1/10 Figure
  • SEGA Iron Man Mark 45 1/10 Figure
  • King Arts Ant-Man Mini Figure
  • Iron Man LED Light Up Mini Figure

With a total estimated retail value of $93, this box features some top-tier figures at a great price.

“With Great Power”

The title of this crossover box is titled after Peter Parker’s immortal mantra: “With great power comes great responsibility.” As such, this box is about heroes, and is a combination of several franchises in one unique and colorful package, from Spider-Man to One Punch Man.

It features a wide variety of original collectibles, including:

  • Banpresto Creator X Creator Spider-Man
  • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina
  • One Punch Man Saitama 8” Plush
  • One Punch Man Eyemask
  • Legend of Zelda Shield Pin
  • FUNKO Vegeta Keychain (Extra Item)

The retail value for this box stands at $100, so you get a lot for a much more reasonable price with this collection from Lootaku.

“Robomania Pt. 2”

As the second part of our “Robomania” subscription box series, this one features Iron Man in addition to many other technologically-assisted and straight-up robotic icons. From Gundam to Marvel, there’s something for every fan here.

This box includes:

  • 1 Hero Remix Iron Man Bobblehead with a Special Gold/Red Electroplated Version
  • 1 Funko POP! Power Ranger
  • 1 Gunam Converge
  • 1 Gundam Assault Kingdom or Universal Unit
  • 1 Gundam Machine Head Mystery Figure

The retail value for this nice little collection is estimated at $87, making this another great deal from Lootaku.

Get One of Our Marvel Monthly Subscription Boxes Today

We have put together many Marvel monthly subscription boxes to please any Marvel fan, with plans to continue putting together even more as we anticipate the future releases of Avengers films and more. You’ll find everything you could ever want to add to your collection when you subscribe here at Lootaku today.



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