What Are the Best One Piece Figures?

August 22, 2018

What Are the Best One Piece Figures?

There is no shortage of One Piece collectible figures. The show has experienced extraordinary popularity across the globe since its start in Japan in 1997, selling over 345 million volumes worldwide. Like with any other franchise of this scale, the demand for high-quality merchandise is constant.

If you’re looking for the best One Piece figures out there, you’re in luck because there are plenty of high-quality options. The best One Piece figures pay the closest attention to character detail and come with top-quality design using the best modeling materials.

Here are a couple of the best One Piece figures available from the Ichiban Kuji collection, which is known for its consistent level of quality with every product.

Large Marco One Piece Figure

This direct import from Japan features a high-quality Marco One Piece figure with plenty of details that make it among the best figures you’ll find. From the unique arched eyebrows and hair to the fur-collared jacket, tattoo, gold belt, and sandals, there isn’t a single element that’s overlooked in the design. Marco appears in a sitting position, with an equally great dark-maroon chair design to complement him.

Ultimately, this Member’s Log Marco design will please any One Piece fan, especially those looking for that perfect Marco figure to complete their set of large figures.

Full Mini-Figure Set with Nico Robin Figure and More

If you’re looking for a great mini-figure set featuring a Nico Robin figure and other memorable characters, the Ichiban Kuji One Piece Member’s Log mini-figure set will be a great addition to your collection. This full set includes mini-figures of Nico Robin, Edward Newgate, Portgas D. Ace, Crocodile, Marco, Nefeltari Vivi, Rob Rucchi, and Luffy, which is a special rare figure with a retail value of $60.

Each character features a high-quality design and close attention to detail, with unique positions and colorful paint that will make you proud to display them anywhere.

Find Plenty of Great One Piece Figures Here at Lootaku

In addition to these two popular figure options, you’ll find a large selection of top-quality One Piece figure selections, including a number of Marco and Nico Robin figures. Simply browse Lootaku’s complete selection of One Piece figures from Ichiban Kuji and complete your collection today. We also carry plenty of other figures as part of our monthly subscription boxes, for which there are several options available.

You’ll be able to find One Piece figures of all types, along with others from your favorite anime series here at Lootaku.



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