What Are the Most Expensive Anime Figures?

August 21, 2018

What Are the Most Expensive Anime Figures?

While you can find many great high-quality anime figures at a reasonable price out there, there are certain figures that are out of reach for most buyers. These are rare collectibles that you’re likely to only come across once in a lifetime, making them extremely valuable on the market.

Companies like Tsume-Art, Xceed, Figure Class, VKH, First4Figures produce . One particular figure of Dragon Shiryu from Tsume-Art won the 2016 Best Medium Statue award, and their Hashirama Senju statue also won the 2017 Best Medium Statue award as well. All of these are limited editions so they usually go way up in price really quickly. The Dragon Shiryu was around 450 Euros on release and is now selling on Ebay for roughly $2000 USD

Here are five of the most expensive you’re going to have to save up a lot to get.

1. Victorique de Blois Porcelain Doll

This figure is among the most original, based on the main female character in Gosick. The character’s aesthetic in the show is pulled from the 1800s as it is, but this figure adds more style to the already stylish character design.

Collectors should expect to pay anywhere between $800-$1,000 for one of these.

2. Human-Size Neon Genesis Evangelion Figures

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular anime series ever, so it makes complete sense that the marketing and merchandise would be over-the-top in many cases. These figures are life-size 1/1 scale renditions of the main characters Rei, Kaworu, and Asuka.

The price tag for these massive figures comes to $5,000 each.

3. HY2M 1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam Figure

This 1/12 scale Gundam model might not seem that impressive in size, but due to Gundam’s popularity and the fact that millions are currently being spent on developing a life-size robot figure in Japan, this model won’t be a cheap buy.

If you’re hoping to obtain this detailed 1/12 scale figure, you’re still going to have to pay upwards of $4,800-$12,000.

4. Life-Size Levi and Eren

Standing at 5’7”, Eren and Levi stand much higher in value as some of the most popular and sought-after figures on the market. As central characters in the well-known Attack on Titan series, they’ve been given some impressive treatment in a promotional campaign courtesy of Seven Eleven, in which the winners of a lottery in Japan were given these human-size items as limited-edition trophies.

If you want to add one of these to your collection, it’ll cost you a whopping $14,000.

5. The Most Expensive Anime Figure: Vintage Life-Size Astro Boy

Now for a look at the most expensive anime figure on our list. Astro Boy stands as one of the most iconic anime series as the one that launched anime into the mainstream. The titular character has also been a source of inspiration for characters in contemporary anime series and films, including Mega Man.

The legendary status of this anime means that it will definitely cost a lot to add this life-size Astro Boy figure to any collection. You can buy it for $25,000, which excludes the shipping fees which are an eye-opening $1,200 and $1,850.

With one of these figures, you can easily impress the most avid anime fans, but most of the people purchasing these are likely not to flinch too much at the prices. If you’re looking for more modestly priced figures that are still impressive and made with quality in mind, check out Lootaku’s anime subscription boxes and start adding to your collection.



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