Jerky for the people.
Jerky for the environment.

Come learn why we're starting the circle.

Circle Jerk.

Any group or group activity indulging in mutual gratification

- Wiktionary

Why Circle Jerk?

We wanted to create a subscription-based business, but it had to be something that we love, and also something that had a positive impact on our customers, the world, and our shared environment. Then we started eating some homemade beef jerky, smoked too much cannabis, decided we really loved the whole "circle of life" thing and thought well hey, there's our name, and our business plan.

Where we're starting

Sometimes simplicity is the best place to be.

Select your box, and each month we'll deliver sustainably sourced package of jerky to your doorstep. Our professional meat packers will focus on finding new products each month to satiate your meat-craving needs.

You'll never find big brands in your box.

Here at Circle Jerk, we pride ourselves on our packages. Each one of our team members brings originality to our circle, so we feel it's important to incorporate this style in your box too. We'll never send you large-scale, industrialized jerky. We pledge to always look for small-batch, sustainable source Jerky.

Where we're going

We have a long way to go.

Eventually, we plan on creating our own line of homemade jerky with unique flavors to add to your box every month. When we have the bandwidth, we'll be taking this a step further with a surprise for you that will keep you coming back for more.

Our three areas of focus are:

  1. Sustainable Meat
  2. Sustainable Packaging
  3. Happy Customers

We may not be able to launch with total sustainability in our packaging, but it will be a continuous effort to push our products and encourage our vendor parters to move in that direction.

2019 is going to be an ambitious year.

We're starting out by piggy-backing off our first business, a small Web Design agency in Madison, WI. But once Circle Jerk is validated, we plan on growing into a Certified B Corp focused on reducing the negative environmental impact created by the meat industry. We believe meat can be enjoyed without destroying our world. We hope to make Circle Jerk it's own agency, and make our B Corp status a reality by 2020.