What is Lootaku??

Lootaku is a premium monthly subscription based service to fulfill everybody's geeky addictions. We are fellow geeks that play video games, watch anime/cartoons, tv shows, collect figurines, and everything else that usual geeks love. Every month we source cool collectible items and deliver them straight to your door. Anything can be inside if we think it's cool enough! Just remember that we don't put anything inside that we wouldn't want ourselves. Technically we're just shopping for ourselves and letting you guys tag along.

Some of the things you will see inside a box:

4-6 epic items





TV show merchandise

Cool plushes

Household items

Lootaku exclusive items


What's in a typical Lootaku box?

It's a surprise! We may give hints here and there on what's in a box for a particular month, but we won't tell you exactly what's inside. However, a normal box will usually always include at least 1 figurine, sometimes a t-shirt, and the rest will be a combination of plushes, mugs, smaller vinyl figures, tv show and movie merchandise, and even our own set of Lootaku exclusive figures and comics.



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